Friday, March 23, 2012

I Pinned It and Did It Fridays...and cookies!

I love pinterest...LOVE!  You can follow me here.

But sometimes I feel like there is so much pinning and not enough doing.  People seem to create these online fantasy worlds and no one is making it happen!  So, I am starting a "I pinned it and did it Friday!"

Each week I am going to actually DO one of my pins.  Because we shouldn't just live these perfect, fabulous, organized, stylish lives on pinterest...we should make them a reality!

So this week I picked a relatively easy one, I pinned this 8 weeks ago and here it is!!

And here are the cookies I have been working on this week!  I had 6 orders this week but next week is going to be my busiest yet, with 14 orders in about a bunch of different stay tuned :)

No week is complete without Elmo!  This was a relatively small order (two dozen) compared to how many Elmos I have coming next week!

These were some logo cookies created for DBA (Digital Brand Architects).  My very good friend just started a fabulous new job there, and she thought the cookies would be an amazing office treat!  I packaged them with some cute anemone flowers (my favorite flower actually!) since they matched so well with the black and white and it really is SPRING here in NYC!

These were a wonderful thank you gift, very sophisticated and the best part is these flowers won't wilt in 5 days!  Stay tuned for a repeat of this assortment in some spring colors next week!

Some last minute christening cookies!  The first is an adorable girly set for twins!  I do have to say I think my piping penmanship is getting better and better :)  The second set was silver and white themed (looks darker in picture than in real life).  I was glad I could help this customer out as she had her Etsy order with another seller cancelled at the last minute!  But Peapods came to the rescue!  God bless to all the little ones getting christened this weekend :)

These adorable love bug cookies are for a beloved grandma's birthday and were inspired by my Valentine's assortment.  Love this sophisticated color palette for a sweet birthday surprise!

I had two more assortments, but they have to wait until next week as they were surprises to some sweet ladies who have not received them yet...don't want to spoil the surprise!!!!

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  1. I never get tired of Elmo! He's such a little cutie pie! Great job!