Friday, March 9, 2012

What Peapods has been busy with...

Order, orders, orders over here at Peapods!  We had a wedding, a christening, an engagement party, and THREE birthday parties all in a week!  Here's what I have been creating in my manhattan sized kitchen:

Strawberry Shortcake character cookies.  These we so fun to make but took quite a long time.  I hand cut the character cookies, but she came out great!  Hope to make her again soon.

These are only a part of an order for I heart NY t-shirts to be given out as wedding favors!  They were tied with coordinating red ribbon and are a great idea for a favor!


These were for a pink a green themed engagement party!  I love to see what colors brides use, it is always something creative and fun!

Some views of the personalized hearts and brush embroidered dresses.

These were a 21st birthday gift from an older sister to younger.  How sweet!  She wanted something nicer than the over used martini/cosmo glass, so we came up with these!  The champagne bottles are hand cut.  Loving these right now!

This was a sample order of the Brooklyn Bridge!  I LOVE how they turned out.  These would make amazing favors for a Brooklyn wedding, in your wedding colors of course!  These also were hand cut.

These were a last minute birthday creation, and were based on the birthday girl's bulldog!  This is what I am calling an "edible greeting card," the ones on the right were the same size and shape as a traditional card and send a sweet message.

Ever wonder how your package from Peapods will look?  We have been using these great pink boxes or a traditional kraft box!  The boxes make my day, because they are pretty and it means all orders are done and I can enjoy the weekend with my sister who is in from San Diego for her birthday!

(and if you look closely...Peapods namesake is hanging out in there!)

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