Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick Trick for avoiding Tacky Flood Icing :)

Have you ever spent all night decorating you cookies...go to bed really late...and wake up in the morning to beautiful, wonderful....NOT DRY COOKIES?!

It has happened to me 3 times since I started decorating cookies and each time is more devastating than the next...once it was a batch of 80 cookies that were going to a wedding!  I had to start all over from square one AND send them via very expensive overnight shipping.

So my husband had a GREAT idea, and where would be without our significant others chiming in with the "duh"-est ideas that we just didn't think of because we cookiers are so emotionally involved!

Enter the test plate!

All you do is take each of your flooding icings and pipe a little test stripe.
Then you can periodically poke your stripe, and if that stripe is not getting crusty on top within 10 minutes, and is not pretty solidly dry in 20/25 minutes...Then DO NOT use your frosting!  Make new.  Yes, it delays decorating with your newly minted frosting about 20 minutes....but TRUST ME, its worth it to be 100% certain your frosting will be perfect.  Now I always rest easy knowing my cookies will be dry and perfect in the morning.

If this helps just one person avoid the dreaded tacky icing problem, this post was worth it!

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