Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Painting the town RED!

I have had this really strong attraction to red lately...I have always loved red (I have honey blonde hair, red is our best friend!) but lately it has been a very serious subject!  In the past two months I have even bought TWO red bags...

Red Celine Mini Luggage....

Me and my Celine out to brunch and out for drinks...

Then on Monday I got this bad boy...Balenciaga red city....

Just a truly stunning bag and shade of red if I do say so myself!

THEN IT HIT ME!  I know why I am loving red so much....

I have been staring at it for weeks straight because of all these guys!

Elmos everywhere!
We had FOUR Elmos party orders this week.  I had to do them in batches but it was fun because two of the orders were girly themed!  

Customized to match the birthday girl's party shirt!

Customized to match the party invitation  

And two regular Elmo assortments.

But don't worry, while I love RED, Peapods has been keeping busy with cookies other than Elmo!

Like cookie monster...haha!

My Classic Cookie Monster assortment

AND some non-Sesame Street character cookies for my good friend's birthday!  She is the BIGGEST Hello Kitty fan!

Some pretty Tiffany blue tea party themed cookies going all the way to California! (I had some others going to California, but can't post those yet and they are a surprise and haven't been received yet!)

One of my favorite assortments...

Then a beautiful Thank You gift!  I did these last week in sophisticated colors and this week's palette was all SPRING!  So fresh and pretty looking!

This is Peapods box for delivery!  (name removed for privacy) Look at those beautifully nestled cookies inside!  It's a great little surprise for your recipient!

That is it for now, but I have four more orders for the rest of the week, so stay tuned for more COOKIES!

And don't forget, Friday is I Pinned It and Did It Day!  And I have a great easy one for this week, that turned out great!

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