Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinned it and Did it Fridays!

I needed a cork board.  I wanted to buy a pretty one in a vintage white frame from Etsy, but they were not that big and over $100!  And then I saw this pin floating around on Pinterest:

Oh yeah, I can do that!  Cork board bought from Pearl Paint on Canal ($8 for 4 tiles).  Washi Tape bought from Paper Presentations on 18th St ($3.50 for solid roll, $4.50 for printed).  I bought two different colorways of tape...

You DO NOT need this much tape....I got nervous.  One roll is enough

I ended up going with the mint/silver combo thanks to a friend's reassurance :)  But I am really itching to make something with that other combo, even the guy at the store who was helping me said it was gorgeous :)

Here she is!

I am planning on hanging my customer orders and such on it so I can see them right there as I work!  You can see some cookies waiting to be decorated peeking in the corner of that last picture, haha.  I added some little cookie-centric stickers just to make it more "me".  

By the way those pictures are waiting for their friends to be done so they can grace my picture wall.  I made the one in front and bought the one in back :)

So, YAY for organization and getting my cookie room one step closer to completion!

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