Saturday, April 21, 2012

Purseblog Feature and I Pinned it and Did it Fridays....for procrastinators

First off I just want to share this every exciting news, my Celine Mini luggage bag cookies were featured on the Purseblog!  Check it out here!

Words can't even describe what this means to me!  I have been a HUGE fan of the Purseblog and a member of the forum since 2006, I am kind of obsessed actually.  When I had a corporate job in fashion I was the one who would always update everyone if our brand was on the blog, or if our competitors were up there, and just the fact that PEAPODS COOKIES is on there right now....seriously I just have no words  :)


This week was so crazy, with 17 orders and over 360 cookies going all over the country, all over New York City, and will be seen at birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers all over this weekend!  I will be posting some fun pics late tonight but a lot of posted on my facebook page: Peapods Cookies Facebook

I however still found time to do a pinned it and did idea how I pulled that off but the 4 hours of sleep per night probably helped.  I have been posting ribbon, wrapping, and craft paper storage for a while now and I have been trying to figure out an idea for tissue paper storage that is not 45 inches wide!

I bought an unfinished frame from Michaels on 96th street and painted it with Martha Stewart's pearl paint in light aqua, cut some 1/4" dowels to fit the back perfectly, covered then with some washi tape (yellow chevrons!), covered the washi tape with clear packing tape so they do not get dirty, then used some model glue to glue them to the back!   There you go, super easy!

Close up of the washi tape covered in plastic clear tape.

Once its dry, hang away!  I love how it is so colorful and cheery and lets me see what paper I have and keeps it off the floor.  Just need to hang it up on the wall today!  I might add some bump outs to the back so it hangs away from the wall a bit more than it is already.

I will have more to post later but trying to get outside today!

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