Friday, April 6, 2012

I Pinned it and Did it Fridays!...Plus some Tips on Tips!

Happy Friday!!!

This week has been sooo busy, I will be posting my cookie creations tomorrow, as well as a GIVEAWAY!!!  So please check back here tomorrow :)

It's Friday...which means....Another Pinned it and did it!  I am having a lot of fun doing these small ones while I am working on a BIG overhaul of my "cookie craft room."  I hope to be finished with it in the next couple weeks and of course I will post pictures here!

I have been seeing many pictures of how cookiers are storing their piping tips and decided I *need* to get my tips out of the black Laduree box where they have been sitting in a jumbled mess...and into something more secure, time saving, and organized.  So here they are!

The containers are called "Snap and Go" and I found them in the jewelry section of Michaels for about $6 for all 6!  They are the perfect height to actually stand your tips up, which I like because you can see the tip openings....because a "1" tip from Wilton is very different than a "1" tip from Ateco. 

I wanted them to look a little prettier so instead of the normal label maker labels, I bought some rub transfers for $4 from Paper Presentation (my fave store!). 

So there they are, organized, clean, and pretty!  

On the subject of tips...I have a tip for cleaning your tips!  I know a lot of people use this $2 Wilton tip cleaner:

However, I have always found the bristles to be slightly too large and the wire handle bends way to easily.  Lots of frustration.  

Then one day in Sephora, I had a idea....their free spoolies!  They are literally the PERFECT width for fitting through the tip of a squeeze bottle and the little metal end is the perfect size to poke through the tip of a #1 tip and remove any dried pieces.  The plastic handle is nice and sturdy and you can even throw them out after a couple uses...very sanitary and FREE!

Love these!  Thanks Sephora :)

Thats all for now.  I have a few other things on my mind, so I may be posting later tonight.  It is so crazy this new life I have created for myself.  It is definitely a change from the normal 9-6 I was used to, but I am really settling into my groove and loving this new life!  

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